Grab a Deck of Cards

Truth or Dare: Playing Cards Style

(Intended as a single dare)

Joker- Take off all of your clothes. Yep. All of them.

Ace of Spades- Pass the dare.

Ace of Hearts- Kiss the player to your left…and your right ;)

Ace of Clubs- Dance to a song of the group’s choosing.

Ace of Diamonds- Give your best lap dance to the person across from you.

Jack of Spades- Spin in circles for a few seconds. Pick a new card and preform that dare as well

Jack of Hearts- Kiss every player’s hand.

Jack of Clubs- Be a servant to the player to your left for the next 5 turns.

Jack of Diamonds- Let a member of the opposite sex use you as a foot rest.

Queen of Spades- If you are a female, you may pass the dare. If you are a male, you must let the other players dress you as a female.

Queen of Hearts- Accept a kiss from each player in the group.

Queen of Clubs- Pretend to be an animal of the group’s choosing for 5 minutes.

Queen of Diamonds-Do your best impression of another person in the group.

King of Spades- Pick another card and then choose another group member to preform that dare.

King of Hearts- Take a random member of the opposite sex with you into a closet or a quite area. Spend the next 5 minutes with them alone.

King of Clubs- You must remain completely silent for your next 2 turns. If you talk, the group gets to give you another dare that does not count toward your 2 turns.

King of Diamonds- Close your eyes and draw a picture of yourself. Show it off to anyone not included in the game and tell them that you spent an hour working on it.


If a player chooses a card between 2 and 10, you can use it as a count of certain things done in a dare. For example:

-Number corresponds to the number of ice cubes put in your underwear

-Number corresponds to amount of laps run around the house

-Number corresponds to how many turns you must sit in your underwear

-Number corresponds to how many kisses you must give to people in your group

Or, you can assign numbers to group members before hand and use the cards to randomize for certain dares.